S&W’s Take on connected TV

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CTV is without a doubt one of the fastest growing verticals in the online space. Yes, we know that connecting the big screen to the internet was already done over 10 years ago, but just in these last few years, with the entrance of big over-the-top (OTT) companies like Netflix, Amazon and Sony, we are starting to see a drastic increase in the consumption of content in TV through the internet. In the US alone over 58% of households already own a smart TV device. Europe and the rest of the world are not far behind and will join the trend soon enough. [i]

Content companies that want to stay relevant need to adopt this vertical and many are already doing this. Some examples include ProSiebenSat.1 Group in Germany who are enabling ‘broadcast’ linear to their content and Sky in Italy who are using low latency streaming, the cloud and AI on their online content.[ii] Comcast is trying to make cable cool with perpetual video and broadband innovations. Even the WWE UK are using online distribution to deepen the relationships with their fans.[iii]

What about advertising on CTV?

The rise of Connected TV viewership is creating new ways for CTV advertisers to reach their target audiences by combining the impact of TV with the precision of digital advertising. CTV was designed to replicate traditional 15 or 30-second TV commercials on smart TVs, gaming consoles and devices like Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. Viewability and completion rates on CTV are on average 95%,[iv]  which makes this vertical very attractive for brands and agencies. These KPI’s are much more difficult to achieve in traditional digital advertising due to skip-ability and other features that allow users to bypass the ads.

Smart TV’s provide a natural connection to data which traditional TV simply doesn’t. For instance, advertiser have access to much more insightful user data as users actively choose the content they want to consume. This and many other key data points provide transparency and granularity that traditional TV advertisers will surely find comforting as they transition with users’ increased adoption of smart TV platforms over the years to come.

CTV differs from traditional digital advertising in terms of user engagement via call to action capabilities meaning most ads are simply aimed at growing brand awareness. Whereas in digital advertising on mobile or desktop devices a brand interacts with its audience and receives engagement via different calls to action. Seeing how engagement is currently limited a natural step in the evolution of CTV platforms will allow users more options to engage directly with ads.


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What is S&W doing on CTV?

SnowTV, our Smart TV entertainment app, is filled with curated content handpicked by our talent agents. Our app provides mobile and desktop content creators the ability to transition into the living room and reach out to their audience on a much more personal level. Additionally, our app provides brands with increased transparency and granular targeting metrics all through our end-to-end advertising solution.



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S&W’s Take on connected TV

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