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AdservME by S&W Media Group is a Real-Time Bidding Trade Desk, designed to create reach. AdservME utilizes human brain power and superior technological capabilities to create a fully-stacked Integratable market place for buyers and sellers, across all current verticals and ad formats.

Make It Simple

Simplifying programmatic, with easy and fast Plug N’ Play integrations.

Results Oriented

We let our results speak for us, aspiring towards constant innovation

Keep You SAFE

What We Do

OpenRTB 2.4

OpenRtb 2.4 support for Desktop, Mobile web, Mobile In-app and Native banners.

Self-Served Demand side platform

self-served DSP for Advertisers and Brands.

Quality Verification

Protecting Publishers and Advertisers, insuring quality.

Target, Reach, Monetize

Targeting Domains, Keywords and Apps to reach and monetize.



XML Feeds

XML feed support for search & pop.

Managed Supply Side Platform

Managed SSP solution for publishers.

Around The Clock Support

Dedicated, solution oriented Account managers & Technical support.

Reporting & Data Transparency

Elaborate Reporting, Api supported, highly transparent.

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